Our catch documentation scheme is divided in
4 technological solutions

Vessel monitoring system

We developed an economic IoT geolocation device and through the Fishing Data Platform analyze where are the boats fishing and cross analysis to the type of boat, the permit given, and the fuel being granted, if applies.

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Smart Scale

We are developing a device to transform the fishing landing centers, where fishermen unload their catch, into intelligent spaces. It is an IoT scale that takes pictures on every fish and through image processing and artificial intelligence analyzes the metrics (i.e. weight and dimensions) on every fish.

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Mobile app “WhatsFish”

Innovation in commercialization, where we are developing a marketplace to connect fishermen to consumers, aiming to build relationships that could lead to cultural change towards sustainable practices in fishing communities.

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Fishing Data Platform

This is the data intelligence and visualization platform that will compile the information of the different sources and Remora hardware and software, helping analyze the situation of fisheries, the fishing effort and the consumer behavior, among others.

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Tech Solutions for
Seafood Traceability

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